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Innovation and Technology is all the about bringing the field of medicine in to the future. As a constantly changing branch of MARI, we are given the opportunity to redefine medicine and medical error using technological advancements being worked on every day. Using devices such as Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D printing, we can revolutionized medical practice and introduce an error-free method of practice.
MARI Institute is an organization founded in 2012 with the aim of reducing medical and health mistakes in United States of America and it continues its mission in Canada, Australia, and England in 2019. This organization is in field of health, identification and reduction of mistakes.
What is AI
In fact, in this part of MARI, we are looking for problems and weaknesses in the field of education that have led to the decline in medical care quality.Lack of screening or mis- screening, misdiagnosis and ultimately incorrect treatment options can lead to wasted cost, a reduction of human resource motivation, and most importantly the downfall of entire education systems. MARI Education is an opportunity to improve the quality of life based on education and research. In this way we have benefited from other MARI research sub-fields including medicine, pharmacy, IT networks, etc. At MARI, we are given the opportunity to change lives and reconstruct the medical system through hard work, determination and a drive to right wrongs using education.
We Can Improve
Identification process and treatment of diseases Subsequent damages Using artificial intelligence and learning machine-based systems without considering direct presence of human force.
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