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MARI Education strives to bridge any gaps in knowledge by offering interdisciplinary training. It also seeks to increase the level of health literacy; physical, social, and mental health. Health and the medical industry are compromised by ignorance or false awareness, bribery or inappropriate planning, and people who unknowingly follow obsolete methods or methods suggested by centres and invalid individuals. In this part, MARI is looking to re-examine and take a different look at the educated performance of various countries, including teachers, professors, therapists, macro level planners, physicians, and so on. Have the target community properly recognized? Do they have a good grasp on the content they use for treatment, education, etc? Where have we gone wrong? And where we did the right thing, but we didn't get the results we wanted!
MARI (Misdiagnose Association Research Institute) is a research organization that works in the field of error recognization and training to improve human health. MARI has numerous research subdivisions and seeks to enhance the quality of of the MARI 's research subsidiaries is the MARI Education Center.MARI Education specializes in diagnostics and fact ,MARI Education seeks to identify plan and formulate training courses to recapture and reduce error.
In fact, in this part of MARI, we are looking for problems and weaknesses in the field of education that have led to the decline in medical care quality.Lack of screening or mis- screening, misdiagnosis and ultimately incorrect treatment options can lead to wasted cost, a reduction of human resource motivation, and most importantly the downfall of entire education systems. MARI Education is an opportunity to improve the quality of life based on education and research. In this way we have benefited from other MARI research sub-fields including medicine, pharmacy, IT networks, etc. At MARI, we are given the opportunity to change lives and reconstruct the medical system through hard work, determination and a drive to right wrongs using education.
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