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MARI Business strives to be one of the best business consultant firms in the US and intentionally with a variety of services to help promote sustainable and economic growth of communities and organizations around the world.
To establish and develop the MARI holding company To provide the highest quality business services and ensure a sustainable establishment and growth To understand and analyze our clients’ needs and problems To maximize our clients' business potential. To provide a better understanding of client situations and decisions
MARI Business group was born in 2018 at at the beginning stages of establishing MARI.This group is still working on expanding MARI and its subsidiaries as its main mission and will continue to help MARI infuture as well as providing consulting service for external organizations as an independent job.this business group is in the process of starting up and will grow bigger and stronger very soon.
Implementation: preparing business map, distribution channels, target market, etc. Sales & Marketing: researching markets, analyzing competitors and suppliers, improve customer services, etc. Finance & Accounting: Design and implement budgets and forecasts.analyze cash flow. Audits and reports, etc. Growth & Development: analyze current and future resources, strategic planning, etc. Business Analysis & Problem Solving :assessing business scenario reviewing reviewing business process flow, Human Resources Management: staffing & recruiting, performance, motivation, etc
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